Don't Quit, Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith Kyle Wilson Editor

Don't Quit, Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith Kyle Wilson Editor
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Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith is full of transformative stories from a 3x Grammy-winner, movie producer, MLB player, entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, authors, real estate syndicators, veterans, and more.Fans of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and Darren Hardy will discover stories full of real-life lessons, applicable strategies, and the key to success—DO NOT QUIT!Kyle Wilson with Heather Self, Robert J. Ott, Mauricio J. Rauld, Greg Zlevor, Lisa Haisha, Tara Hamilton Howard, Josh McCallen, Jesse LeBeau, Sophia Stavron, Gary Hammond, David Kafka, Nick Aalerud, Angel Chandler, Nunzio D. Fontana, Brian Brault, Eric Bowlin, Jenny Landon, Kyle Hoffman, Kurtis Drake, Heather S. Coombes, Andrew Jarrett, Jeff Wimmer, Dr. Amy Novotny, Tom Krol, Keeley Hubbard, Jeff Thornton, Crystal Hinojosa, Brad Niebuhr, Tami Damian, Eric Luneborg, Will Heybruck, Cassie Bullock, James Miles, Howard Pierpont, Robert D. Burr, Ravin S. Papiah, Robert J. Moore, and Todd Stottlemyre seek to inspire you to push, persist, and never quit until you achieve your dreams and goals!With foreword by #1 author in the world (600 million books sold) and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, you will be lifted up and inspired!From creators of bestsellers including Desire, Discipline & Determination, Resilience, Purpose, Passion & Profit, The One Thing That Changed Everything, and Life-Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders, these are not just feel-good stories. These stories will push you to keep going, inspire you to forge your own path, and remind you that if they can do it, you can too!Everyone involved has put great effort into making sure this book will make a positive ripple in the world. We are honored by each of you who take the time to read and start that ripple.Praise for Don’t Quit, Stories of Persistence, Courage and FaithThis uplifting book contains the greatest success principle of all. Make a decision to become “unstoppable” and then resolve in advance that, no matter what happens, you will never give up. When you do this, your success is guaranteed.– Brian Tracy, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, ConsultantWe all face rejection, disappointment, setbacks, and heartbreaks. When you confront the inevitable challenges that life brings, reach for this book and find inspiration in these amazing stories of perseverance and determination. Rather than throw in the towel, grab a lifeline and pull yourself up. And whatever you do, don’t quit!– Robert Helms, Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio ShowThe first thing all successful people have in common is they’ve failed. The second is they didn’t quit. In Don’t Quit, Kyle Wilson and his group of world changers share insight into what drove them to NOT quit. If you feel as though life has just dealt you a knockout blow, this is the book for you.– Keith Elias, Former NFL Player, Speaker, AuthorKyle Wilson has done it again! If you’re feeling stuck, un-inspired, confused, or just plain need a kick in the pants to get started, make this your next read. Don’t Quit talks about one of the most important traits of any successful person I’ve ever known, persistence—but it isn’t a boring lecture-style book. Kyle always finds and shares great stories that drive the point right home. Thanks, Kyle!– Seth Mosley, 2x Grammy-Winning Songwriter, Producer, MusicPreneurWhat is the most important step in your journey to success and significance? The next one! In Don’t Quit you will learn from people just like you who overcame incredibly difficult circumstances to find success, significance, and legacy. Go ahead—take the next step and start reading this book!– Tom Ziglar, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Zig Ziglar Corporation