Dr. Ambedkar Ka Sandesh / ??? ???? Ram Ashery Author

Dr. Ambedkar Ka Sandesh / ??? ???? Ram Ashery Author
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Dr. B R Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 in the town and military cantonment of Mhow in the Central Provinces. His family belonged of Marathi background from the town in Ratnagiri district of modern-day Maharashtra. Ambedkar was born into a poor low Mahar caste, who were treated as untouchables and subjected to socio-economic discrimination. Ambedkar’s ancestors had long worked for the army of the British East India Company, and his father served in the British Indian Army at the Mahow cantonment. He was required to sit on a gunny sack which he had to take home with him. Ramji Sakpal retired in 1894 and the family moved to Satara two years later. Shortly after their move, Ambedkar’s mother died. The children were cared for by their paternal aunt and lived in difficult circumstances. Ambedkar passed his examinations and went to high school. His original surname was Sakpal but his father registered his name as Ambadawekar in school, meaning he comes from his native village ‘Ambadawe’ in Ratnagiri district. He passed his matriculation examination and in the following year, he entered Elphinstone College.