Dried Parsley Flakes - Kosher Certified

Dried Parsley Flakes - Kosher Certified
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Parsley is one of the most popular spices in the world, & it’s used in just about every world cuisine. It’s available fresh, dried whole, or as flakes. Dried parsley flakes, though, provide home cooks with a versatile ingredient. The flakes provide a slightly sweet, yet bitter herbal flavor to dishes. & thanks to its emerald green hue, dried parsley is an ever-popular garnish. The herb’s bitter profile pairs nicely with garlic. Just toss it with garlic as a dry rub for grilled meats. Or the herb works great in green sauces like chimichurri. From soups to potato dishes & eggs, parsley flakes add the needed hint of bitterness & aromatic herbal notes that are often missing from dishes. Cooking with Parsley Flakes Dried parsley can substitute for fresh. Generally, it’s a 2-to-1 ratio of fresh to dried. Just be sure not to over-season with parsley. in the right amounts, it adds a sweet, almost spicy herbaceous flavor, but can bring in too much bitterness if overused. Dried parsley keeps its flavor nicely, & the drying process actually intensifies its herbal flavors & aroma. That makes it great for soups, rubs, & sauces, & it’s popular in French, Italian & Moroccan dishes. Use parsley flakes for: Sauces - A dash of parsley adds the needed bitterness that’s often missing from a sweet, tomato-based sauce. It’s also great in green sauces like chimichurri, & pairs nicely with garlic, chilies & other spicy ingredients. Meats - in European cooking, parsley, along with garlic & oil, is a common dressing for chicken, steak, & pork. Parsley also complements fish & seafood. Herb Blends - Parsley is found in many different spice blends. It’s a key ingredient in Fines Herbes, the popular French blend. & many Italian seasonings include parsley flakes. Garnish - Parsley’s vibrant green colors make it a popular choice for garnishing. Sprinkle over eggs, pasta dishes or mashed potatoes for a dash of color. Soups - Dried parsley flakes provide a vibrant flavor to stews, soups, & broth. You’ll find it in Italian, French, North African & Mediterranean soups. About Our Parsley Flakes Egypt is one of the world’s most significant producers of parsley. The plant thrives in the country’s dry, subtropical environment, especially in the Nile River floodplain. Our parsley comes from small, co-op farms near Assam, a city in southern Egypt with many small farms. Our farms tend to be mostly reclaimed desert with irrigation coming from the Nile. Dried Parsley Flakes - Kosher Certified