Eve of Chaos Livia Quinn Author

Eve of Chaos Livia Quinn Author
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You vill meet a dahk dangerrous strangah… Aurora predicted at the Mardi Gras ball, and, as if someone had left their Swords of War videogame on share in a parallel universe, ‘he’ walked in. Conor de Sept Flambé, the Dark Knight they’d dubbed him, with his dark gleaming muscles, the distinctive leathery tattoos across his shoulders, armored boots and magnificent flashing swords. Where did he get those swords? Montana asked, drooling. She’d been unable to force her eyes away from him all evening. Then he’d walked across the ballroom floor, parting the crowd like Moses through the Red Sea, and asked her to dance. Turned out, he’s quite the music lover. He said he wanted to show her some of his moves. Right! Her Dinnshencha warrior wasn’t born yesterday…He wasn’t kidding though. There was more to this Knight than meets the eye, and he was already quite an eyeful. Recognizing her diminishing strength, he offered to prepare her for the Chaos, twenty-four hours when most Paramortals would lose their power. With crazies coming out of the woodwork, Paramortals losing their abilities, and personalities going AWOL, Sheriff Jack Lang wants to know who will be left standing with him when the Para-moon begins. If Flambé is what Jack thinks he is, Destiny might have a chance. If not, they’ll be in deep… trouble. Where’s an F-18 when you need one?Readers of Molly Harper and Katie MacAlister will love Livia Quinn!5 ***** I couldn’t put it down.. A delicious taste of Southern Supernatural Fantasy. Storm Crazy Loved the characters and the story. Really kept me wanting to read more. Hard Days Knight I loved this book!! Exciting, sexy and sit on the edge of your seat kind of book!!! Like a Rumba or Salsa…the beat of this story will get you. Undone