Exotic Frit Blend Coe 96

Exotic Frit Blend Coe 96
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Orange
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This boro-like, reactive frit blend has deep golden hues with striking ruby & pink. Use sparingly. This is a kiln-striking blend therefore once it’s annealed you’ll see it’s full saturation of colors. It’s best to garage at 940 F & then at the end of your torching day anneal it for 30-60 minutes at 965 F to get these rich deep colors. Anymore than an hour & you will get an undesirable very dark, almost black color. Boro-like Kiln-striking Frit Size #1 Reactive Blend Transparent Exotic Frit Blend Coe 96