Fiber On A Whim-Brick

Fiber On A Whim-Brick
Categories: Soups, Tomato Soups, Tomato
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Red
19 USD
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This Brick is like the color of cream of tomato soup. This has a darker modeling but subtle. I worked with the lighting to get it right. The manufacture picture is also included, by it’s not like that color at all. The fabric is great, it looks as good as it feels. I love the way it stitches. This is a Zweigart base. If you order more than 1 cut of the same fabric, the fabric will remain in a continuous cut & it will be serged unless noted. If for some reason it can not be in a continuous piece, I will contact you & let you know. This fabric is sold by the Fat Quarter (FQ). When you buy 2 FQ, you will get (27" x 36" ). If you purchase 4, you will get a full yard of linen. (55" x 36"). All pieces will be surged, NO Charge, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to see the other fabrics from Fiber on a Whim: If you would like to see all the cross stitch fabric, in the shop….┬žion_id=29227056 Fiber On A Whim-Brick