Fiery Blend Emily Cantore Author

Fiery Blend Emily Cantore Author
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Brand: Emily Cantore
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Four red-hot Emily Cantore erotic stories collected in one book. Just over 20,000 words to get you all hot and bothered …Good CopA spur of the moment crime and barely legal teenager Emma is hauled off to the local jail by Paul, a hulking cop who is as cold as ice.When she decides to start moaning in fake pleasure, she quickly finds how bad a good cop can be…Fire ManThe fire started in the kitchen while Lucy was in the bath distracted with some naughty thoughts. Her neighbor Sam comes to the rescue, playing the fireman and saving then house from burning down. Lucy is dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. Sam is tall and gorgeous with a slow Southern drawl.It’s about to get very hot in the kitchen again…The ActorElla has a favorite video clip of a girl being dominated whilst wearing a blindfold. She meets Lucas online. He’s an actor and willing to play out any role…Oiled DownEilse is looking for something to spice up her sex life with her husband John. Her secret lover Kathy suggests a sexy webcam show with Kathy on the other end might work.It’s hotter than any of them imagined and then Kathy decides a picnic is the perfect place to take it further…