Filthy Liar (Forbidden Fantasies, #6) Amy Brent Author

Filthy Liar (Forbidden Fantasies, #6) Amy Brent Author
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Spencer is a filthy liar!He was my first love, my first crush, the only man I loved!He was my everything….He was the one who took my virginityAnd then…..he just vanishedHe is back in town after four years and wants a second chance. (Yes, he has changed – he is rich, arrogant and c*cky and walks as if he owns the planet!)And although I have thought about him every moment of each day in the past four years, I don’t think I am ready for a second chance.No, not with him!What if he betrays me again…Forget forgiveness, I cannot trust him at all… Because I know he is a filthy liar.