Finding Lucy Amy Copadis Author

Finding Lucy Amy Copadis Author
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Brand: Amy Copadis
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Lucy Harwell is shattered after the tragic death of her parents. Trying to pick up the pieces and move on with her life, she uncovers a secret about her existence that has been buried for years: her parents were not really hers by blood. With her world suddenly turned upside down, Lucy cannot stop until she uncovers the whole truth. In her search for answers, Lucy is handed the name of the man who may be her biological father. He is living halfway across the world, in the sun coast of Spain. Lucy decides it’s time to leap before she looks, and heads to Spain to find him. But learning to lean on herself will take time, and courage is not a quality that Lucy feels secure with. As she slowly starts to adapt to her new existence in a foreign country, she begins to see how beautiful life can really be. A story of self-discovery, Finding Lucy delves into the true meaning of love and family. In her journey to find the truth about her past, Lucy may also find the truth about herself.