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From giving 3,000 paid talks in 30 years in multiple industries I can tell you, the research states, the speaking industry is about to explode from an 8 billion dollar a year industry in 2020 to a 100 billion dollar a year industry by 2030! Pick your lane and make a difference! Michael D. Butler Study this book and memorize every word Butler says, His coaching is outstanding! Mark Victor Hansen, #1 NYT Chicken Soup for the SoulFinally a book that gives readers the nuts and bolts tools to monetize their message - From someone who’s given over 3,000 paid speeches!- Find Your Voice- Pick Your Lane- Monetize Your Keynote- Create a Workshop and Mastermind around that keynote- Create an online community that becomes a movement!Michael Butler gives a clear, quick, and direct outline to help you become the speaker you’re trying to become. Filled with exercises and applicable, timely advice, I highly recommend this book! - Dr. Tal LeeadThis book about speaking on stage is an important part of the equation for selling books. I’ve spoken in 80 countries and can tell you that good communication must be done on the page and on the stage. If you want to be a better speaker, read this book. Daniel KingButler is passionate about getting his clients on stages and helping them create movements globally. Having published 350 titles by 150 authors in 15 countries, Butler supports his authors by getting them on stages and promoting their books at the major book shows of the world through catalogs and foreign rights sales for maximum distribution. Last year Butler spoke in 20 countries. He runs the Global Elite Speakers Bureau that puts speakers and authors on stages globally.Butler has been a guest on Fox News and has gotten his clients onto CNN, Dr. Phil, TMZ, TLC, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, TBN, TruTV, Fox Business and many others.His Podcast, The Publisher Podcast is heard by thousands globally and features guests from Hollywood and the Literary Industry.He has published 3 International best-selling books in multiple languages: The Single Dad’s Survival Guide, Best-Seller Status - Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age and The Speaker’s Edge. It’s Complicated and He Founded and runs that rescues kids in slavery, educates them and teaches them trade skills to equip them for life in Asia.MichaelDButler.comFINDING THE SPEAKER’S EDGE: Turning Your Part-Time Passion into Your Full-Time Professional Speaking Career on Stage and OnlineThe speaking industry will never be the same again. Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Business Owners and Consultants who want to stand out, be seen and make an impact will need to be on the cutting edge of innovation with not only the skills and techniques of speaking but also the intuition, empathy and compassion to make a difference.