Flirt with Fire Amy Manemann Author

Flirt with Fire Amy Manemann Author
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Brand: Amy Manemann
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In Flirt with Fire…When event coordinator, Liza Daley, finds herself dumped right before Christmas, she begins to question her life choices. A trip to a bed and breakfast outside of town might be the trick to clear her head and focus. Unfortunately, her solitude is interrupted by the one man who has consumed her every waking thought for the past year. Baseball catcher, Nolan Collins, has wanted Liza Daley from the moment they met. Out of respect, he’s kept his distance, but it’s nearly killed him to see her settling for a man who isn’t good enough for her. Liza deserves to be loved and cherished, and the longer he waits, the more he realizes he wants to be the man to deliver it.While the snow continues to fall, and temperatures drop, Nolan and Liza flirt with fire as things heat up inside the B&B. Nolan knows that it’s now or never to show Liza that there are more things to life than what she’s let herself settle on, like finally taking a chance on love. The Flirt with Me Series: This series or three books was previously released as fan fiction in Melissa Foster’s Remington World. With permission from Melissa Foster, the story and characters remain the same with new titles and covers. Flirt with Fire was previously published as Catching up with Love in 2017.