Florida Blend Roller

Florida Blend Roller
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Gold
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10 ml roller bottle. High end yellow frosted glass with gold metal cap. Metal roller, with genuine clear quartz chips that can be reused in another blend or this blend can be refilled. Florida water is a traditional aura & personal item cleansing liquid used by spiritual people to get rid of bad energy around them. It’s amazing for mood & manifesting because it lifts you into a positive place. All oils are CPTG Certified. Topped off with organic fractionated coconut oil & PRL pH Minerals. Use over your heart & wrists to deflect bad vibes & up your frequency. You can also apply anywhere else your intuition calls for. Roller bottles have the potential to leak during shipping due to heavy jostling & drastic temperature changes. I only buy high quality glassware but they can still leak. I will package your roller in a baggie to prevent any possible leakage from damaging your order. in the rare event that you do get a little leakage, just remove your roller from the plastic baggie & wash it in warm soap & water & allow to dry. This roller contains minerals. Some people who have extra sensitive skin report an itchy feeling & may experience redness. If this occurs, gently wash the area with soap & water & pat dry. This roller contains photosentitizing oils. Know how your body responds if you plan on going in the sun with the application area exposed. Florida Blend Roller