Freedom through the Cross Dale Taliaferro Author

Freedom through the Cross Dale Taliaferro Author
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This is the fourth book of a five volume series attempting to rediscover the amazing encouragement the Scriptures offer to all men everywhere. This five book series must be read in order and seen as five layers of foundation needed for understanding the message of the Bible and, thereby, all the events and circumstances of life. Systematic theology has unintentionally hidden from view the simple truths of the Bible by a presumptive systematization of its teachings, mixing topics together like so many ingredients thrown into a blender. When justification, salvation, eternal life, the kingdom of heaven, redemption, and the like are blended together with the presumption that they are basically describing the same thing, the message of the Bible is lost. This series of books attempts to set aside the myriad assumptions that systematic theology rests upon (as it mixes together a variety of concepts, losing sight of their individual messages and contributions) and demands a “chapter and verse” proof for everything that is presented as Christian truth. Different topics are not synonymous unless the Bible specifically says they are.The first volume clarifies the topics of justification, salvation, and eternal life. And the second volume demonstrates that the conclusions set forth in the first volume are true and can be easily found in the life of Saul after Jesus died, rose again, and ascended into heaven. Supposing that these terms refer to basically the same thing pushes the true message of the Bible beyond retrieval. Justification is not salvation; and salvation is more than eternal life; and eternal life is not the result of justification. Understanding what the Bible means when it uses these terms will transform your understanding and encourage your life as never before.This fourth volume in the series explains how some of the benefits of the cross of Jesus are independent of faith in Jesus. God sent Jesus to die for the whole world because He intended to apply the accomplishments of His death to all men. Some of the accomplishments are applied conditionally; other accomplishments are applied universally without any condition needing to be met by man. And both are precious blessings from a wonderfully gracious God who has provided all that man needs to walk in spiritual victory moment by moment. The cross was so effective that we have no excuse for continuing to be dominated by anger, or fear, or impatience, or bad language, or an unforgiving spirit, or a lack of self-control (just to name a few sins that seem to have the upper hand in our lives). We have been freed from everything that still seeks to keep us in bondage. If we rely upon the spiritual provisions that salvation brought to us, our daily spiritual victory is sure. All we have to do is learn how to walk in that victory.