Freeze Dried Black Beans & Yellow Rice | With Tomatoes Cheese

Freeze Dried Black Beans & Yellow Rice | With Tomatoes Cheese
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Healthy black beans & spiced yellow rice come together to make a healthy, filling meal. It is prepared & the freeze dried & packaged in two 4 oz servings. These are then packed in light resistant Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber & a silica gel pack to preserve freshness & nutritional value for up to 25 years. GLUTEN FREE WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT? HOW AM I GOING TO EAT HEALTHY? Are you as tired of these questions as we are? Freeze dried food is your answer! Its not just for survival, its for a health nutritious lunch or dinner, today, tomorrow, or any day! Cooked by Grandma so you know its going to be yummy QUICK PREP - Just add hot water to the pouch & eat in less than 10 minutes, with no cleanup. The pouch has a shorter, wider, more bowl-like shape for an easier eating experience. Eat straight from the pouch & skip the dishes! EAT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Pouch is lightweight & portable providing you with a deliciously, tasty meal perfect for camping & backpacking trips! Eat well in the backcountry or in your tent. Also great for emergency food storage & survival. RECYCLABLE - Recycled used packaging to reduce waste & protect the environment. SHELF STABLE -For up to 25, Yeah that’s right 25 years, Great for emergency food storage! NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING - Made with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Its just food! Pouch contains two total servings. Great for one hungry backpacker, or to share with your camping buddy. ALLERGY WARNING! Prepared in a facility that also processes nuts, eggs, seafood, shellfish, dairy & gluten. PLEASE NOTE! Once shipped, I am unable to control USPS handling & delivery. Freeze Dried Black Beans & Yellow Rice | With Tomatoes Cheese