Friskies 32-Pack 5.5 oz Fish-A-Licious Variety Wet Cat Food

Friskies 32-Pack 5.5 oz Fish-A-Licious Variety Wet Cat Food
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: Friskies
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Offer your playful cat the gourmet tastes she loves with a Purina Friskies Fish-A-Licious wet cat food variety pack. Premium select ingredients, including whitefish, sardines, salmon and tuna appeal to her smart, sophisticated palate, and the assortment of flavors lets you keep your cat’s curiosity piqued at every mealtime. These yummy recipes include thinly shredded pieces of seafood in a thick sauce from our delicious Savory Shreds line of wet cat food, plus shredded chunks of seafood cooked in savory juices from our Prime Filets line and the delectable flavor of our Tasty Treasures in Sauce With Ocean Fish, Tuna & Cheese. The essential vitamins and nutrients support her overall health and wellness, so you can feel good every time you put this gourmet wet cat food into her dish. Pop the top on a can, and watch your beloved cat’s senses go into overdrive as she smells the unmistakable seafood aroma and clamors for a taste.