From Early 20Th Cent. Zaqatala

From Early 20Th Cent. Zaqatala
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Of the four countries that make up the Caucasus, Azerbaijan produces the most kilims & rugs, & the land has a long history of weaving. This rug from the Zaqatal region of Azerbaijan has been designed mostly with its repeated Mengling rose designs of various colors of green, blue & red all in an eye comforting harmony & also have ram’s horns in the borders. in Caucasia within many tribe the motif called Memling Rose has been used through generations & this interpretation of Turkmen rose is implemented on this pile rug. Still, in great condition with its vibrant colors, even this rug has aged more than 100 years with this Zaqatala rug. Vintage from the 1910s Materials: Wool Length: 200 centimeters Width: 118 centimeters From Early 20Th Cent. Zaqatala