Frugal Feasts Janice Alexander Author

Frugal Feasts Janice Alexander Author
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Frugal Feasts - Sumptuous Savings for the Pickiest Palates is Janice Alexander’s lifetime of experiences in cooking many delicious and incredibly frugal recipes that are not only very, very tasty but they empower the body with healthy ingredients. Some of the French or Cajun recipes are influenced by Janice’s life in Louisiana. She spent years working for the very famous Brennan’s restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans and learned from the chefs there that she worked with how to incorporate just the right ingredients into food dishes to make them taste incredibly delicious. She also traveled abroad eating at famous restaurants as well as throughout Louisiana eating at the best restaurants: Broussards, Ralph and Kacoo’s, The Oxbow, Mansurs, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Landry’s Seafood, Pinetta’s European Restaurant, the Asphodel Plantation’s restaurant, Nottoway Plantation’s restaurant and the ever popular breakfast spot Louie’s Cafe by the LSU campus - all of which helped her to develop a connoisseur’s palate over many years. In this cookbook, Janice uses her sense of good taste with healthy ingredients that will not only satisfy the pickiest palates but empower you and your family as well. There are many dishes incorporating herbs and mildly pleasant spices that are divinely delicious and nutritious. There is also a section at the beginning of the book that tells you exactly what vitamins and minerals are found in which foods and how they empower the body and help to prevent illnesses. It is really a multi-cultural recipe book as many of the over 100 original recipes in 378 pages are inspired by Janice’s travels abroad and throughout the United States eating at so many different restaurants and thoroughly understanding the ingredients that made these dishes scrumptiously divine. There are plenty of meat and seafood dishes as well as many different salads, soups, casseroles, bean, fruit and dessert dishes that are so sumptuous and delightful and yet so inexpensive to make. There is a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, raw & live food dishes as well as meat and seafood dishes, so there are numerous new recipes to please everyone. No one is left out in this incredibly diverse cookbook! There is also a snack section with many healthy and very tasty ways to satisfy those cravings without all the carbs. The dessert section of this diverse cookbook has a wonderful variety of good choices for you as well, such as several sweet breads, cheesecakes, fruit salads, tortes, muffins, cookies and mouth-watering bourbon balls as well as other scrumptuous recipes - many of which have healthy sweeteners that definitely satisfy your cravings with no loss of flavor or aftertaste. One of the best things about this cookbook is that the directions for cooking are more detailed than most. The instructions cover exactly what needs to be done for wonderful results. The recipes also begin with a detailed description of what the dishes taste and look like and there are many photographs and illustrations. There are even crock-pot versions of some recipes. With the incredibly inexpensive price of this wonderful cookbook, you cannot go wrong by adding it to your collection. It is priced to fit the most frugal cook’s budget and it will be a family treasure for a lifetime that will please every guest and member of your family.