Fun With Carbos: A Cookbook For Those Craving Carbos Kip Koehler Author

Fun With Carbos: A Cookbook For Those Craving Carbos Kip Koehler Author
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Pasta is believed by most Americans to originally be a product of Italy because so many of our recipes have been handed down from there. However, the credit for noodles is mostly given to the Chinese pasta makers whose culinary efforts date back some 7.000 years. Their noodles were generally made from two varieties of millet which were cultivated throughout what we know of Chinese history. In contrast, the semolina variety of pasta which we mainly use today was spread through the world by the Italians in their travels to other countries. While pasta is an important feature in this cookbook, it does not have an exclusive here. Rice, corn, potatoes and other carbos are also found within. The skill required to cook pasta properly is not a dark science. It is mainly an exercise in not overcooking the grain, or just following a package’s directions. Some cookbooks may contain complicated and time consuming recipes. I have endeavored to limit the recipe offerings to mostly simple dishes. Where a few more tedious recipes have been included, I have simplified their ingredients and, therefore, the effort that would be required in their preparation. A number of recipes focus on seafood, but they could just as easily incorporate grilled chicken, duck, goose, pork or beef. If chicken or duck white meat is used, do not overcook and consequently dry it out… the method that unfortunately occurs in many restaurants. They have meat temperature laws to take into consideration, but you don’t. If you purchase only fresh foul, slight under cooking should not be a concern, and it may add significantly to the taste appeal.