Handmade Copper Bredbox Mailbox

Handmade Copper Bredbox Mailbox
Categories: Soups, Noodle
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Copper
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This is a handmade copper bredbox with a chiseled design of a couple of small sparrows. It is entirely handmade following ancient arts of copper processing, this item can be an original design object to receive our bread. The birds are realized using the ancient art of the chisel. The copper was patiently engraved following a drawing by means of special iron chisels. This item is suitable for the outsides because of the copper durability & resistance to cold, ice & wet. This is a one of a kind artefact, 100% made in Italy & realized completely by “La Casa del Rame”. If you are looking for handmade artefacts it can definitely satisfy your research. Dimensions: Height: 35 cm Width: 28 cm Depth: 15 cm Thickness: 1 mm Weight: 3,0 kg Ask for the price of the shipping fees in not indicated nations Handmade objects can’t be identically reproduced. Product received could differ from pictures Handmade Copper Bredbox Mailbox