Happy Face Steam, Herbal Blend For Normal To Dry Skin... 2 Steams

Happy Face Steam, Herbal Blend For Normal To Dry Skin... 2 Steams
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Embrace soft, renewed skin & open your senses to steaming! Take your time, put on some nice music & light a little candle, close your eyes, & breathe deep. Facial steams are amazing… They are easy to use, relaxing & are an awesome at-home, spa-like experience that will leave you & your skin feeling & looking great! The herbal steam opens pores & allows the skin to breathe, prepping pores for a deep down cleaning! Best to use prior to a face cleanse & exfoliation. Try using it right before using one of my clay masks for best results! This is a beautiful & fragrant mixture. All herbs were carefully chosen. Prepare yourself to reap the benefits of an all-natural beauty routine! It is against Etsy’s policy to include any claims about the benefits of herbs, so I highly recommend that you do some reading of your own on the following ingredients: Comfrey (a good, healthy green) Calendula (bright, yellow-orange & sacred) Chamomile (A dainty, sweet flower) Lavender (A calm floral) Rose petals (fragrant, sweet & warm) You will receive a 4x6 inch baggie filled with enough herbal blend for two face steams. Directions for use: Add half of the contents of the bag to one quart of boiling water. Simmer for five minutes. Tent your head over the steam, removing when it becomes too hot & then replacing again. Steam for 8 minutes & then pat face dry. Optional: Follow with your favorite astringent and/or moisturizer. Use within a couple weeks from purchase or store in an airtight, glass container to keep fresh. Information & statements found within this listing have not been approved by the FDA. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. Educate yourself properly about herbs & oils prior to applying product to you body & always do a skin patch test, especially if you have known sensitivities. All ingredients in this blend are organic. Happy Face Steam, Herbal Blend For Normal To Dry Skin… 2 Steams