He Who Sings...Prays Twice M. Steven Smith Author

He Who Sings...Prays Twice M. Steven Smith Author
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A series of short true inspirational stories. Each story is an amazing account of something that God did in or around the Music Ministry of M. Steven Smith - from healing an elderly woman’s lonely broken heart and giving her a reason to live when she had asked Mark to help her die, to the sad yet at the same time joyous account of a small boy going home to Heaven after a courageous battle with cancer. Each story inspired one of Mark’s songs. The lyrics for each song are at the end of every chapter. Almost like Reader’s Digest, or Chicken Soup for the Soul, the stories in this book will inspire the reader to get closer to the Heavenly Father and encourage each one in their faith. You will want to share this book with your friends and read some of the stories over and over again.

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