Heavy Weight Transport Simulator for Windows (1-User) [Download]

Heavy Weight Transport Simulator for Windows (1-User) [Download]
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Download Size (in MB) 497.83 Download Time Cable Modem: 16 mins, 35 seconds :: DSL: 41 mins, 29 seconds You will receive two emails: one confirming your entire order, and one with a “Download Software” button. You can download immediately or return to your email to download later. Questions about downloading software? Click here for answers to common questions. Downloadable software is not returnable or refundable. As a haulier focused on heavy transports there is no transport problem you can’t deal with. Whether “normal” heavy cargo or loads of more than 400 tonnes (800 000 pounds), you transport each single freight safely to its destination. Powerful tractor units in different classes of load capacities and the required, matching semi-trailers are loaded in delivery order..Even in the event of special transports with unusual and challenging dimensions you keep cool and calm and know exactly how to remove obstacles, such as signs and stones efficiently from the road..But only if you are aware of all the possible challenges will you be able to work uninterrupted!.Windows Vista Starter, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME.Good planning is the basis for a smooth work flow. Therefore careful preparation of the routes, precise time management and the gauging of loading and unloading facilities are among the routine tasks of your team..Orders placed over a weekend may be delayed until Monday.Processor: Intel or AMD up from 1.5 GHz, Memory: 512 MB RAM, Video Card: Geforce ATI Radeon up from 128 MB.You transport each single freight safely to its destination.