Honey Badger ~ Tea Blend

Honey Badger ~ Tea Blend
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Brown
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“Hard working, patient, fair, just, loyal, modest. Element: Earth. Flavor profile is lightly sweet with notes of honey, flowers, & sweet bananas. Great as a dessert tea.” Caffeine: YES Ingredients: White Peony Tea, Sweetened Banana Chips, Calendula, Honeybush, Jasmine Flowers, Granulated Honey. Intentions: -White Peony Tea: Caring, Immunity -Banana: Resilience -Calendula: Positivity -Honeybush: Grounding -Jasmine Flowers: Purity, Grace -Honey: Sweetness Honey Badger ~ Tea Blend