Honeywell Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer
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Brand: Honeywell
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Today’s enterprises need mobile devices that can help them deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across channels to their customers. Ideally, they want a single device that can handle it all - from order picking at the distribution center to in-store merchandising and home delivery. Introducing the Honeywell Dolphin CT40 mobile computer. Designed for retail store associates and other highly mobile workers, the lightweight, ergonomic Dolphin CT40 is a sleek and stylish enterprise-class, fulltouch device that helps improve worker productivity and minimize fatigue. Equipped with a high-performance octo-core chipset, fast Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity, the Dolphin CT40 mobile computer gives associates quick access to business-critical information whenever they need it. The Dolphin CT40 device is built tough with a rugged housing and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen to protect the unit against accidental drops and falls. Built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, the Dolphin CT40 mobile computer is upgradeable across four generations of Android, from Android Nougat to Android Q, providing a lower overall TCO and maximizing return on customer investment. The Mobility Edge advanced enterprise management tools allow companies to test and validate applications once, accelerate deployments across the enterprise, optimize device performance, simplify software updates, training, and maintenance, and extend overall product lifecycle. Compatible with a broad range of Honeywell connected applications, thirdparty software, and a comprehensive portfolio of accessories, the Dolphin CT40 mobile computer is more than just a hardware device - it’s a highly integrated solution for retail and light-duty field mobility environments with all the tools enterprises need to handle day-to-day business tasks - from the shop floor and the backroom indoors to light-duty logistics and delivery outdoors. FEATURES & BENEFITS: The Mobility Edge hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools drive an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach for accelerated and secure development, deployment, performance, and lifecycle management. Future-proof investment protection with support for four Android generations through Android Q. Security updates available for up to two years past the last Google patch through Honeywell Sentinel. Easy compatibility and seamless integration with both Honeywell Connected applications as well as third-party applications such as MDM, Push to Talk, and VoIP software to maximize efficiency and protect your investment. The rugged, sleek Dolphin CT40 device is ergonomic, lightweight, and simple to use, fitting easily in the hand and able to be used comfortably and productively all day long. Two scan engine options offered for enhanced data capture speed and reading range, even outdoors; choose user-friendly green LED dot or sharp red frame laser aimer..4 GB RAM / 32 GB flash memory helps run applications rapidly and stores the mightiest databases.Provides simple, affordable and highly secure connectivity to your remote workers with wireless technology.Touchscreen adds an additional hour of efficiency per worker to the workday.5" HD display screen allows you to execute two applications at the same time.Features NFC for configuration and pairing.Streamline your business processes with an imager that point-shoots with high-performance scanning.With integrated Bluetooth module, gadgets such as portable tag printers can be utilized rapidly and effortlessly without cable connections.Capture photographs, signatures, recordings and more with the built-in camera