Hostage Amy Burr Author

Hostage Amy Burr Author
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Stop holding me hostage, words Jesus called out to me. On five separate occasions he showed me a small dingy room I constructed to either keep him out of my life in some way or hold him there. With each visit Jesus opened my eyes a little more to how I held him captive out of fear, pride or unbelief. Jesus wanted to move freely in my life but I had built an earthly perception of who he was and what I thought Jesus was capable of doing in my life. Before he brought me to the room I felt that there was nothing wrong with our relationship. Through his eyes and heart he showed me areas in my life I need to change. I wrote down this journey to share with others so they too can set Jesus free in their lives.Walk this journey with me and learn how we have held Jesus hostage in our lives. Come with me and learn about the ropes of unbelief, and fear that ties God’s hands in our lives. Read about the picture frames that holds Jesus trapped in a picture of who we think he is. Walk along the wall we have built and held together by nails forged out of our will and more. We must set Jesus free so that we can be free.