Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion: A businesslike guide to fulfill your professional goals and personal dreams Robert Michael Fried Author

Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion: A businesslike guide to fulfill your professional goals and personal dreams Robert Michael Fried Author
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Igniting Your True Purpose and PassionJumpstart Your Career and Personal Life!The key to achieving true success in life is to master that delicate balance between making money and making meaning. Marketing executive and best selling author, Robert Michael Fried, shows how the same principles you use to accomplish success at work can also help you realize your personal goals, dreams and aspirations.Fried provides a practical yet passionately purpose-driven roadmap that will enable you to heed your true calling to become a truly successful person in every sense of the word. The author underscores that true success goes beyond just getting what you want… it’s also wanting what you get.Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion will take you on an uplifting journey of self-discovery. It will empower you to re-invent your personal brand and close the disparity or gap between who you are and who you dream of becoming. The book urges you to make it your business to ignite your true purpose and passion while seizing the opportunity to become an entrepreneur of your own existence.Built upon and expanded from his best-selling book, A Marketing Plan For Life, the author reminds us that the purpose of life should be a life of purpose. In emphasizing his philosophy, Fried writes, “I’ll tell you what unhappiness is… unhappiness is not knowing what you want and killing yourself to get it.”This insightful and thought-provoking read will not only inspire you to clearly define what you want but it will help you make both meaning and money – not just for yourself but for others. That’s what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said, “To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – that is to have succeeded.”Praise for Igniting Your True Purpose and PassionA heart-felt roadmap to fulfill your true purpose and change the world for the better.Guy Kawasaki, Best-selling author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions, and former chief evangelist of Apple.Igniting Your True Purpose And Passion is an uplifting, thought-provoking book. Read it and discover the secret to achieving true success.Marci Shimoff, Best-selling co-author of 6 Chicken Soup For The Soul books, co-star of The Secret video and best-selling author of Happy For No Reason and Love For No Reason.In a sports business where winning is innately linked to focus, purpose and true passion… I view Fried’s book as the ultimate playbook for anyone who strives to succeed in the challenging game of life. Joseph B. McCormack, Senior Vice President – Finance, Chief Financial Officer, The Los Angeles Lakers Inc.“Take this exhilarating journey of self discovery to support yourself in actualizing your goals, dreams and aspirations.Cynthia Kersey, Best-selling author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women.“This is a truly wonderful book from a master life and business strategist. Bobby Fried takes you through the ups and downs of life’s challenges, showing you how to not only weather storms but enjoy the ride. Filled with enlightening personal stories that illustrate how to make meaning as well as money, this is one book you’ll want to keep handy, write in the margins, and refer to often. A treasure”.Chellie Campbell, Best-selling author of Zero to Zillionaire and The Wealthy Spirit