Instant Pot for Two: 50 Healthy Two-Serving Pressure Cooker Recipes Louise Davidson Author

Instant Pot for Two: 50 Healthy Two-Serving Pressure Cooker Recipes Louise Davidson Author
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Cooking for Two doesn’t need to be complicated. With the Instant Pot pressure cooker, you will be making healthy and delicious home cooked meals for two in no time! When you have a home to manage, there are plenty of tasks to be taken care of every day. With so many things on your agenda, it can get really challenging to find time to prepare healthy meals at home. The Instant Pot makes it possible for you to do that while spending very little time in the kitchen, as most of the cooking work is done by the Instant Pot itself. Just add the required ingredients to the pot, set the cooking function and cooking time, and let the Instant Pot cook do its magic while you spend quality time with your loved one. This special book on Instant Pot cooking offers a hand-picked collection of 50 versatile Instant Pot recipes for two servings: Delightful breakfast recipes such as the Cheesy Bacon Oats and the Broccoli Cheese Omelet Wholesome poultry recipes like the Cream Chicken Stew and the Chicken Tomato Tacos Satisfying beef and veal recipes like the Beef Mushroom Noodles and the Balsamic Soy Beef Roast Bountiful pork and lamb recipes such as the BBQ Pork and the Squash Lamb Dinner Treat Marvelous fish and seafood recipes such as the Honey Lemon Salmon and the Brown Rice Shrimp Meal Tasty vegetarian recipes such as the Green Bean Corn Soup and the Chickpea Tofu Pasta Superb dessert recipes like the Berry Tapioca Pudding All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and nutritional information per serving. Let’s start cooking healthy meals! Scroll back up and order your copy today!