Jack Link's Bold Variety Pack (9 Count)

Jack Link's Bold Variety Pack (9 Count)
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: Jack Link's
Size: one size
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Jack Link’s Bold Variety Pack (9 Count) You’re always up for a challenge. Bold is never boring. Keep it interesting! Add a bold flavored, protein-packed snack to your routine. It’s never been easier to get protein than with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Bold Flavor Variety Pack. Your taste buds and your to-do list will thank you. Kick your snack up a notch with Jalapeño Carne Seca, Peppered, and Sweet & Hot. Jalapeño Carne Seca is beef jerky with a hint of spice, jalapeños and red chilies smoked over hardwood. Peppered beef jerky is made with cracked black pepper and hardwood smoked. Sweet & Hot beef jerky is sweet, spicy and deliciously hard wood smoked. All of these bold flavors are designed to Feed Your Wild Side.