Jack Links Barbecue Pork Tender Bites (16 Ounce)

Jack Links Barbecue Pork Tender Bites (16 Ounce)
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: Jack Links
Size: one size
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Jack Links Barbecue Pork Tender Bites (16 Ounce) Jack Link’s Barbecue Recipe Pork Tender Bites are expertly crafted and simply made. Each piece is carefully selected and marinated by expert craftsmen in our signature blend of seasonings and slow cooked over real hardwood smoke to get that perfectly tender bite-sized snack. That’s it. We’re a family-owned and family-operated company. Born in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, which is where Jack Link (yes, he’s a real person) still resides, we’re proud of our rural roots. Our foundation was built upon our hard work and our pioneer spirit. That spirit lives today through our team members who work in small towns across America. Whenever you rip open a bag of Jack Link’s® meat snacks, you get a taste of American tradition: a family-owned business that grew from hard work, high-quality products, a sense of community and a little fun. That’s the recipe that put us on the map long ago. That’s the recipe that drives us today. Unlike some other jerky brands, we