Jackpot to Las Vegas: Not Another Travel Guide High Octane Bob Campbell Author

Jackpot to Las Vegas: Not Another Travel Guide High Octane Bob Campbell Author
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Think you know Nevada? Think again. At least how we experience it: up before the sun, down by 8PM; hitting nearly every available restroom along the way, snapping pictures of a lot of rocks, and ever watchful for wildlife (as directed by the less-than-helpful signs posted by the Nevada Department of Transportation and highway system).While I do try to provide the occasional ’everyone sees it’ shot, don’t think this will be your typical vacation trip. Instead, in Not Another Travel Guide fashion, we try to go beyond the obvious and let you really experience the wonders and coolness you might miss along a similar journey. Plus, for those needing details and insight not available anywhere else, allowing you to fake your way through a better vacation than your cube-mate, these 180 views of Nevada will put you there.The table of contents alone suggest you’re in for a different journey:Jackpot PauseVegas Launch Before SunriseSunPronghornSchellbourne Pony ExpressEly - E-Spa - E-TrainHighway 6 to 318Pahranagat National Wildlife RefugeNorth Las VegasLas Vegas- Silver SevensMorning in Off-Strip Las VegasGoodWill Las VegasLocal Vegas Info DeskRed Rock CanyonReturn to ‘The Strip’ and Prepare to be Fleeced- Paris, Bellagio, Flamingo, Hooters, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, New York, Five Go-old Rings, New York, MGM Grand, Tropicana, and a Partridge in a Pear TreeRetail Therapy and Off-Strip $7.50 BuffetLeaving Las VegasGreat Basin FlywayMiddle of Highway 318Onward to LundHighway 6 to ElyMcGill UpWells Whizzes ByJackpot(I removed any and all references to the Extra-Terrestrial Highway, Groom Lake, Area -Redacted-, and Nellis Experimental Testing Range from the table of contents to fulfill certain requests (government word for: It’s optional. Just like living the rest of your life in a hole without windows is an option. Just sayin’.) made by -redacted- )So whether you’re headed to Las Vegas, trying to avoid The Strip, checking out what you missed while sitting for 36 straight hours at the black jack table / slot machines / $50 buffet hall, or want to experience Nevada without the hassle of actually going, this Not Another Travel Guide Jackpot to Las Vegas fills the void. Useful for everything from wasting time taking a mental vacation while being underpaid at work, to writers and authors wanting to splash realism into works of prose (tax deduction! Then visit where you’d rather go to work on writing your book that includes Nevada… see? This book lets you deduct oh-so-much more! (Jamaica! London! Fox, Oregon! The options are endless! Visit them all!) And when you’re in prison for tax evasion, I understand just a few days of labor will generate enough to purchase more Not Another Travel Guide visual vacations to enjoy while incarcerated! Be sure your loved ones always say, Oh? Her? She’s not here because she’s incarcerated. (if you’re male, feel free to switch pronouns) - Guaranteed nearly 100% of people will hear incarcerated as two words), to scale modelers (trains, railroads, zombie wastelands, highly classified experimental designed craft war-game fields) wanting a reference for their creations - nearly everyone can find something useful in this book (especially those needing to see a rock. Boy-howdy, do we have a rock in here).Give in to temptation and snag yourself a copy. You know you want to. Why? Because people of above average intelligence and highly refined wit find these sorts of books irresistible. Common people and those with minimal humor? Heck, they didn’t even read down this far. Which means, obviously, you’re of the first group, far above the groveling masses of common bio-waste that warble blindly about in ugly bag of water form. Not you - you’re not only smart, but beautiful, too. And completely immune to vague, indiscriminate compliments. Better get a copy for your also above average significant other as well.