Jagua Henna Powder | Ultra Dark Blend

Jagua Henna Powder | Ultra Dark Blend
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Our custom blend of pure henna powder with pure jagua powder for deep, natural eggplant-to-black stains. This is our ultra-dark blend, which maximizes the deepness of the stain. Simply mix with essential oil & water, & you’re ready to go! Recipe included with each order. Jagua-henna is the ultimate blending of two natural, safe body arts! The deep red-brown of henna combined with the dark tattoo blue of jagua results in an ultra dark eggplant color. It is the closest thing to black that you can get naturally & safely, with no industrial dyes. INGREDIENTS: organic henna powder (lawsonia inermis), jagua fruit (genipa americana) 50g bag makes approximately 1 lb fresh paste 100g bag makes approximately 2 lb fresh paste IMPORTANT NOTICE Jagua is a tropical berry, & the juice is unpasteurized. It may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. in particular, those with berry or fruit allergies should avoid products containing jagua. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use & contact your physician. ABOUT OUR JAGUA We’re proud to partner with Jagua Ink to provide you with an exceptional product that is ethically produced. Their jagua trees are harvested sustainably, with plenty of fruit intentionally left on each tree to feed indigenous wildlife. A percentage of every sale goes to support their 501(c) 3: The Darien Initiative. The jagua fruit are processed in a certified food grade facility, which follows all GMP / HACCP guidelines. Jagua Henna Powder | Ultra Dark Blend