Kashi by Kids Super Food Bites, Mixed Berry - 5 ct

Kashi by Kids Super Food Bites, Mixed Berry - 5 ct
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Kashi by Kids Organic Super Food Bites are Snacks made for kids, by kids featuring inherently nutritious, clean foods with unique, plant-based ingredients. Super food combo bites in a single-serve pouch Mixed Berry filled. We at Kashi value whole food and put the inherent nutrition of food first when considering every ingredient. It means we make our food with a plants-first mindset. It also means we value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them by being progressive and mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices. So inside every box, bag, and wrapper, there is not just real food, but a real food philosophy at work. KID CREATED - Super foods and tasty, fun shapes are awesome together in this new Kashi by Kids cereal co-created for kids, by kids!; PLANT-BASED NUTRIENTS - Soft baked bites made with chickpeas, coconut flour, and berries snacks make for an awesome part of the day; REAL WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS - Super food kid snacks made with the combo of mighty nutrition from legumes like chickpeas; NUTRITION YOU CAN TRUST Clean and natural food for health and well-being the whole family will love; SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Lunchbox snack with multi-dimensional layers of fun taste & texture, contains 3g of fiber, up to 9g sugar, & 3.5g total fat per 32g serving;