King of Always: A Fae Romance Juno Heart Author

King of Always: A Fae Romance Juno Heart Author
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Brand: Amy J. Heart
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A fae prince with a poisoned heart. A mortal girl with a personal motto-when life gets weird, bake!Isla, an aspiring baker, has just made the biggest mistake of her life. After bargaining her way into Faery, she meets the arrogant heir to the Seelie throne who insists she’s his fated mate. But no matter how compelling the depths of his amber eyes, there’s no way she’s getting hitched to save him from some stupid curse.´╗┐Rafael, the Prince of Fire, is thrilled to finally meet his foretold queen, even if she is a disagreeable human whose pistachio nut cookies make his courtiers cry. Shame she doesn’t like him much-or at all. Doesn’t every girl want to marry a fae prince and be Queen of the Seelie Court? Apparently not. After a kidnapping and a bungled rescue attempt land Raff and Isla in an Unseelie prison, Isla has to find a way to break them out before the dark court realizes she’s a fraud and kills them both. Life would’ve been simpler if she’d just stayed in the mortal world waiting tables and baking eclairs!Enemies to lovers romance - check!Cursed fae princes - check!Snarky mortal gals thrown into Faery - yep!Lovable animal sidekicks - double check!Grab King of Always today and fall in love with a captivating cruel prince romance set in the enchanting world of Faery!