Korean Barbeque - Seasoning Blend Spice Mix

Korean Barbeque - Seasoning Blend Spice Mix
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
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A rich authentic blend of soy, sesame seed, & ginger with an ever so slight kick of spicy. Use this distinctive Asian barbecue blend on kimchi & it’s exceptional for BBQ pork. Ingredients: Granulated brown sugar, soy sauce powder non-GMO (fermented soy sauce non-GMO (soybean, wheat), maltodextrin & salt.), sesame seeds, domestic garlic, domestic onion, chiles, spices, citric acid non-GMO. Nutrition Info: 34 servings per container (based on 8oz packaging) Serving Size: 1 1/2tsp (5g) Amount per serving Calories: 19.6 % Daily Value Total Fat.62g1.0% Saturated fat.1g.5% Trans Fat0g0% Cholesterol0mg0% Sodium193mg8.1% Total Carbohydrates3.22g1.1% Dietary fiber.21g.9% Total sugars1.90g0% Added Sugar1.87g3.7% Protein.38g.8% Vitamin C.03mg.04% Vitamin D0mcg0% Calcium5mg.5% Iron.1mg.7% Potassium17mg.5% Korean Barbeque - Seasoning Blend Spice Mix