La Cuisine Creole Lafcadio Hearn Author

La Cuisine Creole Lafcadio Hearn Author
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Published in New Orleans in 1885, one of the great classics of Creole cuisine, believed to be the first Creole cookbook in print.Although La Cuisine Creole was printed anonymously in 1885, Lafcadio Hearn is generally accepted as the author of this Creole culinary classic. In his introduction, Hearn describes the intriguing origin of this unique cuisine, explaining that, “it partakes of the nature of its birthplace—New Orleans—which is cosmopolitan in its nature, blending the characteristics of the American, French, Spanish, Italian, West Indian and Mexican . . . There are also obvious influences from Native Americans, African Americans, and others in the American melting pot.” Among the “many original recipes and other valuable ones heretofore unpublished” included in the book are Gombo file, Bouille-abaisse, Courtbouillon, Jambolaya, Salade a la Russe, Bisque of Gray-fish a la Creole, Pousse Café, Café brule, Okra Gombo, Grenouilles Frites, Pain Perdu, Sangaree, and a marvelous collection of fish, seafood, and game recipes. There are also instructions on “The Service of Wine” and a large number of recipes for drinks and cocktails. This edition of La Cuisine Creole by Lafcadio Hearn was reproduced by permission from the volume in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts, founded in 1812.