Layers Beneath (2nd in the Doolan Family series) - contemporary romance HEA standalone Annie Campbell Author

Layers Beneath (2nd in the Doolan Family series) - contemporary romance HEA standalone Annie Campbell Author
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This is the second book in the Doolan Family series. It can be read as a standalone, but follows chronologically from ‘A Second Chance.‘When Aiden Doolan wakes up in hospital having collapsed while giving a verbal warning to his brother, (Okay, so he was reaming Danny a new one for screwing up a contract) he is warned by his Doctor, Learn to relax… Or die before you’re forty. Aiden has no clue how to relax. He has never had the opportunity!Cue Cassie who - as far as Aiden can tell - has turned chilling out into an art form.The problem is Cassie cannot stand her best friend Shannon’s ‘Stick-Up-His-Ass’ humorless big brother; and Aiden thinks Cassandra is a flighty trust fund brat with no responsibilities.So when Shannon decides big brother Aiden needs to stay with Cassie in San Diego until he learns to relax, it seems it will only be a matter of time before one of them kills, dismembers and buries the other.Or is it? After a shaky start, the pair begin to see the layers of personality beneath those that they judged each other by, and a grudging respect begins to develop into a deepening friendship. Could two such different people find a middle ground?As Aiden realizes that he is more than the person who built up Doolan security with a single minded obsession, more than the judgmental ass he has become, more than the coward he believed himself to be, he wonders whether he could risk his family’s -most especially Shannon’s - wrath and seek a closer relationship with Cass.Cass has always felt she couldn’t risk her heart, and dived into short term relationships with a f*** by date. Aiden shows her that she deserves more from herself and from a relationship. Can she ever believe she could find long term happiness with one man? And why does a certain Control Freak from Boston make her wonder what she might have been missing?This, the second book in the Doolan family series is as much about how we judge each other on what aspects are revealed in the early days of first meeting someone, as it is a modern romance.The book contains bad language, scenes of a sexual nature, a bridezilla in the making, and plenty of humor.Also by Annie CampbellA Second Chance - First in the Doolan Family Series (Shannon and Clay)Lying StraightDreams of a TomorrowTomorrow Begins Today