Legacy Interactive Fantastic Fables Vol. 2, Windows, Download (0L-0493)

Legacy Interactive Fantastic Fables Vol. 2, Windows, Download (0L-0493)
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Brand: Legacy Interactive
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Legacy Interactive Fantastic Fables Vol. 2 features five amazing games in one. Embark on thrilling adventures. Five full hidden object games filled with fantastic fables, challenging puzzles, and hours and hours of fun. Explore realms filled with magic, mysteries, and marvels..Digital download.Put your detective skills to the test, and find the missing woman in a fantasy land in the Detective Quest game.Games included: Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper, Mystery of a Lost Planet, Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements, Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave, surprise bonus game.Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.In the Mystery of a Lost Planet game, you must solve mysteries to help the crew to survive after crash landing on a strange planet.System requirements: 2.5GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, DirectX 9.0.Restore the balance of the elements in the Temple of Life for saving the entire world.Help Amy and Tom explore an ancient magic cave, uncover its secret, and return home in the fascinating Tornado game.Computer game set features five amazing hidden object games full of fantastic adventures and challenging puzzles