Live ZZ Plant in White Ceramic Pot: Green by World Market

Live ZZ Plant in White Ceramic Pot: Green by World Market
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Brand: World Market
Color: Green
Size: One Size Fits Most
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-Featuring waxy dark-green leaves growing from upright stems, this tropical ZZ plant arrives freshly grown in a white ceramic pot with a hammered finish. Native to Africa and commonly called the Zanzibar gem or zamiifolia, this popular plant’s ornamental leaves are so glossy that they’re sometimes mistaken for artificial. A living gift sourced from local farms, with a little sun and careful watering this houseplant will thrive for years to come. Color:Green. Also could be used for gifts,indoor plant,indoor decor,decor,live decor,plant decor,plant gift,plant delivery,4th july,independence day,seasonal plant,beautiful plant,seasonal gift,fourth july,living plant,fresh plant,ftd,ftd flowers,mercury flowers,potted plants,living decor,houseplant,ornamental plant,house plant,nature lover,nature gift,green plant,home decor,apartment decor,tabletop plant,hammered pot,leafy plant,zanzibar gem,zanzibar plant,decorative plant,gardening,garden,indoor,window plant,gardening,small space plant,nature,fresh grown,local farm,local grower,african plant,upright plant,shiny plant,glossy plant,durable plant,dark green plant. By Cost Plus World Market.57004532