Living Your Dreams: Your Personal Success Program Mark Victor Hansen Author

Living Your Dreams: Your Personal Success Program Mark Victor Hansen Author
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You have extraordinary possibilities hidden inside you! Let each of them excite you at the fiber of your being. Those possibilities, ideas, hunches, inklings, and inner nudges are called dreams… All types of dreams: To create wealth, health, happiness and outstanding relationshipsFor yourself, your family and othersFalling in love, marrying and living happily ever afterCreating your own companyPursuing a superior educationBeing a visionary leaderGaining respect, fame, and fortuneAnd more! In this powerful, life-changing book from Mark Victor Hansen, discover the proven concepts, powerful skills, easy-to-use techniques and step-by-step action items needed to define your dreams and live them—whatever they are! With a guidebook and a personal goal planner, readers will learn: Believe It to Achieve It Positive Self-Talk How to Turn Problems into OpportunitiesThe Fundamental Secrets of ProsperityHow to Gain Financial Freedom To Create a Dream TeamAchieve Total Well-BeingDevelop a Winning Spirit 10 Instant Steps to SuccessNo one knows more about how to live their dream than Mark Victor Hansen. Mark achieved his success when he was well into his 40s—knowing that dreams don’t have deadlines. After reading this inspiring book, you’ll know it too! Now a sought-after dynamic keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing maven, Mark has spoken to over 6,000 audiences worldwide and is best known as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and brand setting world records with over 500 million books sold.