Magic Wand & Mini Fairy Dust X5, Assorted Themes

Magic Wand & Mini Fairy Dust X5, Assorted Themes
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
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Perfect for any birthday favor, tea party, stocking stuffer, fish extension or gift to a believer in magic. Complete any fairy themed party with these little gift boxes, they can even be used to entice a Tooth Fairy to visit or encourage a Fairy to take up residence with your Fairy Door . Each box is different & has a variety of our many Fairy Dust options. Each is filled & labeled by hand. The wands are also hand made from crystals & beads. No two are alike & all made with the approval, & inspiration, of the fairies. If you have a particular preference, we will try to accommodate your wishes. There are some themes we can work with, mostly the ever popular ones such as Sea Fairies (Mermaids), Fairies, Boys, Girls & Magical Creatures. Even a simple girl or boy selection can make your gift perfect. Feel free to ask. 5 bottles & wand will be in a box, 3.25" x 2.25". These are glass bottles & if you want to add them to a necklace, please be aware that you need to glue the bottle closed or we have special plastic tops that will make that easier. Magic Wand & Mini Fairy Dust X5, Assorted Themes