Marked (The Birthright Book 2) Amy Saunders Author

Marked (The Birthright Book 2) Amy Saunders Author
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Rosamund Brandt knows she’s an heir, but an heir to what? So far, the only thing she seems to have inherited are powers she can’t control and flashes of what seem like memories–memories that belong to someone else.Tensions grow as secrets within her family multiply and a new creature who can dissolve into shadow stalks her. But out of the chaos also emerge new friends–one who may know more about what Rosamund’s inherited than she does.As the memories become clearer, Rosamund pieces together what she needs to do to get control of her life again. And she needs to before her powers consume her–and everyone else.Also In This Series:Inborn (Book 1)Descent (Book 3)Bequest (A Short Story)