Medium Geometric Ram Wall Head Modern Decor

Medium Geometric Ram Wall Head Modern Decor
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Color: Black
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Bring the wild outdoors indoor with this amazing ram sheep wall art. This is not a boring, traditional sculpture, it is modern, unique, designed to make a statement. The ram head is designed & made with a 3D printing technique, with a faithful size & shape, convincing texture, & a realistic curved horn. The ram is considered a wild sheep & lives in the mountains, it is a majestic animal that can not be approached, however, with this sculpture, you will have it all for yourself. While this sculpture is an amazing artwork it also comes with a symbolic meaning. Did you know that the ram head is actually the sign for the Aries sign in the horoscope? Ram is considered the element of fire, & it is a cardinal sign. Being ruled by the planet Mars, Mars was the god of war in Roman mythology. The ram head represents power & braveness. While it is unique & unusual, it is also eco-friendly as it is made from plant-based plastic. This is a geometric 3D printed sculpture, but you may also find in our shop a more detailed version of the same design. Give your home a farmhouse, rustic touch with this ram, sheep head sculpture. Place it by the entryway as a guest welcoming mascot, a living room, kitchen decoration, or it would look great in any corner of the house. Buy it for yourself or gift it, makes a great gift for so many occasions for those who like unusual & unique things, great as a Christmas, birthday, housewarming gift, etc. All my 3D-printed items are made from environmentally friendly material. We use PLA for printing the products, which is a vegetal & environmental-friendly material- PLA, is a bioplastic that is made from the plant. PLA is a renewable thermoplastic & a polymer. It is ‘processed’ from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane, & sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly & sustainable. ABOUT 3D printed Ram’s head Geometric Wall hanging decoration Available in a selection of cool colors (Blue shown in photos) Built-in mounting notch on the back Can be hung using a nail, screw, thumbtack, or command strips (Not Included) Made with a modern printing technique 3D Printed using high-quality PLA material Eco friendly, a plant-based plastic Strong, sturdy plastic Printed colors may vary slightly between the screen & the actual product due to your screen settings Product measurements - Height: 8in - Width: 9.5in - Depth: 4.5in Made on order, ready to ship in 3-5 working days If you have any questions please contact me Visit my shop for more Medium Geometric Ram Wall Head Modern Decor