Merino Silk Blend Combed Top Spinning & Felting Fiber in Warm Shades Of Pink, Purple, & Peach With A Touch Wine Orange Sherbet

Merino Silk Blend Combed Top Spinning & Felting Fiber in Warm Shades Of Pink, Purple, & Peach With A Touch Wine Orange Sherbet
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Color: Pink
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Next to skin soft 70/30 Merino/Silk combed top braid in warm vibrant colors for spinning, felting, weaving, & crafting. Fiber type: 70% 23-micron Merino Wool with 30% Mulberry Silk dyed with citric acid dyes Fiber Prep: Combed top, worsted prep Quantity: 4 ounce braid This lovely blend of super soft 23-micron merino with mulberry silk is a joy to spin! It’s next to skin soft & possesses a very lovely handle. It drafts with ease & can be spun in a variety of methods. Personally, I’ve enjoyed spinning this blend as a simple 2-ply worsted, a cabled woolen, & also as a corespun yarn. I love corespinning, so it tends to be my go-to method of spinning! This combed top prep is also perfect for thick-n-thin style yarns along with a variety of other art-style yarns. This gorgeous fiber blend is also perfect for a variety of felting methods & especially impressive when wet-felted. Please note that this fiber blend consists of two distinctly different fibers that compliment each other so perfectly, yet they take up dye differently. This lends toward some variation in the tones & depth of color throughout the combed top. Please note: This is an OOAK (one-of-a-kind) dye-lot of two 4-ounce braids, sold individually. Although these two braids were dyed at the same time in the same colorway, there are variations between the two. They are very similar, but not identical. Care Instructions: Please gently hand-wash your handmade project in cool water. Do not agitate. Do not wring, just squeeze the water out. I recommend using a specialty wash product such as Unicorn Fiber Wash. These spinning fibers were professionally dyed by me using Dharma acid dyes, rewashed & rinsed thoroughly. I only use citric acid to set the dyes. I never use vinegar or harsh chemicals. The warm vibrant tones are stable in cool or cold water. Warm or hot water may destabilize the colors & may cause them to bleed or wash out. This is not a superwash fiber. It may be subject to felting. Please note: I take every effort to take accurate pics. Monitors may vary in color & the actual item may possess different tones than your computer screen shows. If you have any questions or would like more pics, please contact me. I am a spontaneous artist. I create as my spirit dictates. Each handcrafted treasure is unique. Although some may appear similar, no two creations are ever identical. I’m sorry, but I’ve found that custom requests block my creativity & therefore, I don’t accept them. Please browse through my current offerings for the available treasures. My home (and where I create my unique works of art) is also a place of spontaneity. I strive to keep each fiber type separate, but occasionally a stray fiber may wander, so if you are allergic to a specific fiber (such as angora rabbit), please note that a stray fiber may present itself in an otherwise non-related creation. My home is cat-friendly & smoke-free. Wishing you a magically blessed day!" Merino Silk Blend Combed Top Spinning & Felting