Mermaids Frolick in The Sea, 1910, Edna Cooke, Book Illustration, Seaside Fairies. Fantasy Art, Mermaids 8x10 Canvas Art Print

Mermaids Frolick in The Sea, 1910, Edna Cooke, Book Illustration, Seaside Fairies. Fantasy Art, Mermaids 8x10 Canvas Art Print
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Color: Green
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Mermaids frolick in the sea, 1910, Edna Cooke, book illustration, Seaside fairies. fantasy art, mermaids in art, canvas art prints, antique art, seaside art print, Ocean art print 8x10 canvas print. Colors will vary due to your monitor settings Free ship US You frame it! PLEASE note: This image was created as an illustration, & does not have very distinct lines. This is the way it was created & saved, & our computers print it exactly as shown on the listing. It is imperative that you open the picture to see the detail. It is impossible to know what to expect when you view on a phone or other small device. If you are looking for precise lines & details, this is not the print for you. NOTE: Our prints are taken from an antique/vintage paintings, greeting cards, post cards etc.. Much of the time, these were originally printed on a soft & porous paper, which softened the images. They didn’t have the technology back then to photo-shop & fix these images. That is why I chose to reproduce only antique art in it’s original content (no photo-shop). I love the old school art. These are also paintings & drawings, & so the styles vary. The papers we use today, have special coatings so that they attract the inks or dyes well, & stop much of the seeping of the inks. Our new technologies print exactly what is on the scan of the original image. If you purchase canvas, it is made of cotton, & even though it also has this special coating, it is textured, & softens the look of the final result. It is archival, & of the highest quality, but is best for paintings since they were mostly created on artist canvas. It is important to note that if you are buying on your phone or tablet, the images you see are only tiny thumbnails, & so you can’t really see the detail in the scan on the listing. If you can look on a computer, you can then see the depth & detail of the image you want. Artwork is not created equal, & sometimes there are clear & distinct lines, & other times the style is less detailed. Lastly, Colors will vary slightly, due to the difference in your monitor settings. Please zoom in on the image to see the detail. This art print was taken from a vintage painting, print, postcard or digital source. It is in the public domain in the US because the copyrights (if any) have expired. All quoted shipping costs are USA only. I will ship to your country, via first class intl. USPS, but please contact me for a quote before you buy. All art prints are custom designed to fit into a standard, modern frame. The openings on these frames are smaller than the listed size. Your print will be slightly larger than the opening. You can carefully trim it to fit your frame, & pop it in, with or without a mat. Each print is made as it is ordered. Please convo me if you need a specific size. I use real cotton artist’s canvas, & the newest technology to enlarge the images, pixel x pixel. There is no stretching or skewing, Cotton canvas is textured in tiny squares, & produces a soft