Miners of Djaromir: Matrix Leora Gonzales Author

Miners of Djaromir: Matrix Leora Gonzales Author
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Brand: Amy Gonzales-Stansbury
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Unlike many of his friends, Warlord Matrix of Gunninng is eager to find his future mate amongst the human volunteers arriving to the mining world of Djaromir. Despite his enthusiasm at finding a mate, old fears return that he cannot shake. His scar has repulsed females in the past, even when they’d been paid to hide their reaction, filling the normally brash warlord with more doubt than he cared to admit. What if his mate did the same?Finding himself inexplicably drawn to a fiery beauty named Rue, he can’t resist the mating call despite his insecurities. ‘Trix knew it would take a special female to accept a mate with a scarred face like his, but he never expected her to be so… spicy.Veruca Salazar, aka Rue, had gotten herself into quite a pickle. Signing up for the volunteer program that the Djaromir advertised seemed like an easy way to make some cash. A short vacation on a planet filled with buff eye candy and then to Earth with a big fat check. Sure, there were whispers of some sort of crazy Djaromir mating pull, but Rue figured that was just nonsense sprouted by the muscle-bound Neanderthal Warlords. None of that was actually real.Until her best friend proves her wrong by succumbing to the Djaromir mating heat herself.Now, Rue has a choice to make. Find a mate of her own and stay on Djaromir, or venture home alone, without her closest—and only—friend in the world.Although Matrix is Book 3 of the Miners of Djaromir series, ALL books in the series can be read as standalones! Please be aware that this book contains some scenes from previous books in the series told from new points-of-view.