Mom & Dadpreneurs: Stories, Strategies and Tips From Super Achievers in Family & Business Kyle Wilson Editor

Mom & Dadpreneurs: Stories, Strategies and Tips From Super Achievers in Family & Business Kyle Wilson Editor
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Mom & Dadpreneurs is a wonderful book loaded with great ideas to help you build a successful family business, saving you years of hard work in achieving the same level of success.— Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, ConsultantKelli Calabrese with Kyle Wilson and a group of super achievers including Michael Brownell, Laura Hernandez, Rachell Brinkerhoff, Seth Mosley, Mark and Tamiel Kenney, Dawn Cermak, Janine Brolly, Scott and Susan Wooley, Ed and Bessie Goldin, Gbenga Asedeko, Taylor Thompson, Todd Falcone, Daniel and Tara Parten, Joanne Moretti, Angela Maresca, Ron Miller, Sarah Rhew, Barb Nicholson, Laurel Boylan, Brenda Fenner, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Gary and Cindy Mejia, Sean Murphy, Donna Krech, and Simon Chan, share their authentic, from-the-heart stories of approaching parenting and business with love and excellence.Mom & Dadpreneurs is written to inspire the moms and dads who know there is a better way and who have yet to take that leap of faith. Each story includes courage, personal development, hardship, growth, and reward that is so worth it.These parents are not just sharing the feel-good stories. You will read about addiction, lawsuits, abuse, language barriers, debt, illness, death, difficult international adoptions, messy divorces, and the victories that were fought to be earned. These stories promise to give you hope and build your belief!See where your heart takes you, moms and dads. See if you envision yourself living a lifestyle as a full-time family, being the hero in your story, setting goals that will change you when you achieve them. You will see the hope in these stories. You will connect with the moms and dads who felt the fear and took the leap of faith anyway. Your family needs the best of you. Be present as you turn the pages and imagine what’s possible for you and your family. Dream big!Plus, you will appreciate the Foreword from Tom Ziglar and rave reviews from Brian Tracy, Eric Worre, Mark Victor Hansen, and more.Praise for Mom & DadpreneursI’m a believer and advocate in entrepreneurship, and I so value family! In Mom & Dadpreneurs, Kyle Wilson, the 18-year biz partner of my mentor Jim Rohn, along with wellness professional Kelli Calabrese share powerful strategies and examples of how you can have the best of both worlds. A must read!— Eric Worre, Founder of, Author of #1 Bestseller Go ProI know there are no straight lines to success. Mom & Dadpreneurs not only shows you how to succeed but also teaches you how to create a life of fulfillment.— Todd Stottlemyre, Author of Relentless Success, Former MLB pitcher and 3x World ChampionEveryone’s intrinsic life purpose is to have love, abundance, joy, fulfillment, and a delightful family life. It is best funded by innovative, disruptive marketing or wise Mom/Dad entrepreneurship. This book makes your trip to the good life infinitely easier when read, absorbed, and richly applied. Happy reading.— Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of World’s Bestselling book series, Chicken Soup for the SoulMom & Dadpreneurs shows you another way to create freedom and flexibility for your family. Yes, it is hard work, but it is not really work at all when you change people’s lives.— Kathy Coover, Owner of IsagenixAs a dad of eight children, family is the priority for me. As a professional athlete, I understand how the importance of good habits, coaching, and discipline carry over into parenting. Mom & Dadpreneurs helps you find a way to do what you love and be there to raise your family with your values.— JJ Birden, Former NFL Receiver Kansas City Chiefs, Author of When Opportunity Knocks