My Best Friend's Ex Amy Brent Author

My Best Friend's Ex Amy Brent Author
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Connor Calloway was forbidden.Rockstar. Bad boy. Heartbreaker.My best friend’s ex.Signing on as the headliner for his band was our chance,We could make it big, if I could just resist temptation.I could stay away, keep my distance,It would be easy, I told myself.Boy, was I wrong. Dead wrong.That black hair, those deep blue eyes,His perfect a** and charming smile.The way he looked at me backstage,Full of hunger and lust.Like he wanted to pin me down right there,And f*ck me all night long.No, I couldn’t do it,Betray my best friend like that.But then I did what was so wrong, but felt so right.Now, I have to face the music,And face the biggest dilemma of my life.How am I going to tell everyone the truth?That I’m pregnant with my best friend’s ex…