Mystik SX - 7 Synthetic Blend Gear Lubricant

Mystik SX - 7 Synthetic Blend Gear Lubricant
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Brand: Mystik
Size: 1 Qt
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Engineered from high quality petroleum base stocks, synthetic oil and shear stable polymers to achieve energy savings and improve performance, Excellent extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-scuff lubrication reduce wear even under the most severe service conditions, Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability to resist deposit formation better than conventional gear oils, High viscosity index and low pour points to function over a wider temperature range than conventional gear oils, Effective rust and foam inhibitors protect bearings and gears, Extremely shear stable polymers provide good cold weather flow properties and high temperature lubrication, ensuring the lubricant stays in grade, Superior lubrication in cold operating conditions due to low pour points and improved flow properties, Compatible with petroleum oils and materials of construction designed for use with petroleum oils, Improved fuel economy in automobiles and over - the - road trucks because of reduced friction and minimal lubricant drag, Energy savings are also obtained in industrial applications, Eliminates the need for a seasonal oil change. Oil Viscosity: 75W-90Oil Type: Gear OilFlash Point: 417Pour Point: -53Standards: API GL-4/5, MT-1Package Size: 1 QuartContainer: Quart BottleHigh Mileage Formula: NoGreen Seal Certified: NoOil Composition: Synthetic Blend Size: 1 Qt.