Nerve Relief Essential Oil Blend Natural Nerve Pain Relief Support

Nerve Relief Essential Oil Blend Natural Nerve Pain Relief Support
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NERVE RELIEF Essential Oil Blend contains essential oils with documented analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties, which may help soothe the painful symptoms of various types of nerve pain. Key essential oils for pain are Helichrysum italicum & Chamomile. This blend contains a generous ratio of those two costly oils. May be applied neat (undiluted) or diluted. Consider enjoying a warm rice bag after applying Nerve Relief blend, as the warmth may aid in the relaxation & ‘opening’ of soft tissue, serving to push the helichrysum & chamomile properties into your tissue. Helichrysum italicum is a precious, costly essential oil, & our wild-sourced Helichrysum italicum from our long-standing supplier has produced excellent healing results every time, for over 25 years. We do not use cheaper, less effective strains of Helichrysum. NERVE RELIEF Ingredients: Wild Helichrysum italicum, Roman Chamomile, Birch, Black Pepper, Organic Clove, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense carteri, Myrrh, Geranium Pumps & Roller adds carriers: Jojoba, Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, & Vitamin E. 60 ml SERUM pump dispenses a dime-size puddle of about 10 drops or so. Glass bottle. 120 ml PUMP dispenses more, about a teaspoon. Glass Bottle. - REVIEWS: KatyI absolutely love the Nerve Relief oil that I ordered! Great price, fast shipping & the owner was absolutely wonderful! She provided excellent feedback to all of my questions :) I will definitely be ordering from here again “very fast shipping & smells amazing- contains all the right things thanks!” Frank"Arrived early, never tried essential oils before, but I’m getting results. Frank update"Starting out I didn’t believe essentials of any kind worked, I was wrong, I just keep applying daily & after 1 week, I saw a small difference, as time went on till now, my neuropathic pain has declined 75 to 80 percent." COMPANY INFO & CONSUMER EDUCATION: ESSENTIAL HERB is NOT MLM Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid, so you can enjoy the HIGHEST QUALITY & LOWEST PRICE without paying those 10 upline or downline paychecks that are distributed with that MLM purchase, & there’s no need to sign up, join, sell, or anything, in order to get a better price. ESSENTIAL HERB products are formulated by a Master Herbalist with over 20 years of hands-on experience & application with a faithful client base…long before some of those MLM’s were created. ESSENTIAL HERB oils are pure therapeutic grade oils, free of impurities. User assumes responsibility to determine safe use. Absolutely no statements here shall be understood to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any condition, or offer medical advice of any sort. Responsible consumers should research anything they choose to use. Enjoy the safe & beneficial uses of essential oils & herbs!" Nerve Relief Essential Oil Blend Natural Nerve Pain Relief Support