New Steel Hair Stick With Floral Swirls Design

New Steel Hair Stick With Floral Swirls Design
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: White
Size: custom
12.49 USD
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ELEGANCE WITHOUT THE EFFORT! You don’t need hours to create a sophisticated updo. These hair sticks are all you need for updos you can easily wear to a formal event… & you’ll be ready in literally seconds! Meanwhile, people will think you put hours into your hair! WHAT SHOULD YOU WATCH OUT FOR WHEN BUYING HAIRSTICKS? NO ROUGH EDGES because they can catch, tangle & even damage your hair. NO HEAVY STICKS because they can pull at your hair roots or make your neck muscles hurt & cause headaches. NO CHEAP MATERIALS because they break easily & discolor or corrode. Avoid glue, plastic, acrylic, plated metals & hollow sticks. SAY HELLO TO HIGH QUALITY HAIR STICKS! I handcraft each hair stick from smooth, solid high quality stainless steel that will never discolor or rust. The tops are permanently soldered on so they won’t break PLUS the understated style is perfectly suited for everyday wear. Say goodbye to bad hair days with a hair stick you’ll enjoy for years to come! This hair stick features a 12mm glass topper with a smooth floral design & is handcrafted using high quality solid stainless steel with a smooth finish, safe for all types of hair. Topper size: 1/2" tall x 1/2" wide. Stick length does NOT include topper. For shoulder-length hair or shorter, a 5"-6" stick is recommended. Very thick or long hair may require a slightly longer stick, between 6"-7" long. I make each stick to order, so they may vary slightly…color, size, etc. This listing is for one hair stick. New Steel Hair Stick With Floral Swirls Design